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Which Geyser is Best for Bathroom

Geysers or Water heaters work to increase the temperature of the water which can be used for bathing & cleaning. You might already know, there are so many different types of geysers available in the market right now. Some frequently used geysers are:

  • Instant geysers.
  • Horizontal geysers.
  • Storage geysers.
  • Gas geysers.
  • Immersion water heaters.
  • Solar geysers.

With soo many options available, choosing the best geyser in India is always tricky, As each geyser has its own usages, you need to choose based on needs. We will explain to you how to choose the geyser that fits your needs.

Which Geyser is Best for Bathroom?

Any storage geysers which can supply at least 10 liters of hot water in a stretch is the minimum requirement to choose a water heater for bathing. Storage geysers can be Horizontal mounted, Vertical mounted, Gas geysers, Solar geysers. All these types of geysers are considered the best fit for the bathroom. The capacity of the storage geysers depends on the number of family members, it varies from 10 liters to 25 liters. The wattage of storage electric geysers ranges from 1800 watts to 2500 watts.

Always choose your bathroom geysers based on needs. some suggested :

  • Gas geysers saves electrcity bills.
  • Solar geysers used when multiple houses under same roof needs hot water.
  • Horizontal geysers used mostly in bathrooms with ceiling.

Which Geyser is Best for Kitchen?

Instant geysers are the best option for washing and cleaning. The capacity of instant ranges from 1liter to 6 liters which is the right fit for kitchen use. Also, the price of instant geysers is very less compared to any other type of geysers. In some instances where water is not much cold, instant geysers can also be used for bathing. The wattage of Instant geysers ranges from 1000 watts to 3000 watts



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