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V-Guard: A Magical Journey From India To World Market

A smart young man in 1977, named Mr Kochouseph Chittilappilly started a small business of making stabilizer units. It is named V-Guard. That is where a major electrical appliances brand was born. It is now the largest maker and seller of electrical goods in Kerala, India. Furthermore, it has a yearly turnover of US $340 million. It all happened because of Kochouseph’s vision and brilliancy. Thus an Indian company has made it big in the buyer market. Also, V-Guard has gradually earned itself a place in Indian homes.

Everything You Should Know About The Brand:

V-Guard has its HQ in Kochi, Kerala and its current chairperson is Mithun Chittilappily. He is the son of the founder and promoter Kochouseph Chittilappily.

Kochouseph earned a master’s degree in physics. After that, he started working in an electronics company. He was working as a supervisor. That post has taught him the basics of business. Later he started the set-up with a nominal investment of Rs 1 Lakh. At that time, he had only two employees. Thus, he started a small unit. At that time, he only produced voltage stabilizers. That small yet concise effort has built a company with over 31 branches today. As of now, V-Guard has more than 40,000 retailers and 150 distributors to run the chain.

Subsidiaries Of The Brand:

Kochouseph Chittilappily has other establishments. After V-Guard, he started a clothing line, named V-Star Creation. It is an Indian manufacturer of inner-wear. V-Star makes clothes for children, women, and men. Another achievement of his is founding Wonderla. It is an amusement park chain based in South India.

V-Guard has remained the parent group of these companies. Thus, they share ideas and expansion.

Products From The Brand:

Kochouseph had started the brand as a small-scale company. His aim was to invade the Indian electrical and electronic goods industry. Now it has a wide range of diverse product offerings. It was all started with voltage stabilizers. Now the brand sells electric cables and motors, electric pumps too. Furthermore, the home appliances range of the brand is extensive. The brand offers water heaters, water purifiers. Ceiling fans, air coolers, etc. are also great products made by the company. Moreover, apart from selling inverter stabilizers, the brand is now producing inverters too.

Now, here we will discuss the famous products of the brand.

V-Guard Geyser:

The brand is famous for producing low-cost high-quality products. The brand also produces every type of geyser. They offer instant, horizontal, and many more types of geysers. Unlike other brands, V-Guard instant geysers have a great storage size. It goes up to 15 liters. This means that you can be more comfortable while using it. Also, you will never run out of hot water in between your daily work.

Even for the horizontal geysers, the brand offers great deals. They charge a lower price than other bigger brands. But in terms of quality, buyers get equal high-quality service. It is applicable to all appliances. Rust-free body, copper heating element, metal pipes are the signature features.

V-Guard Stabilizer:

The brand had started its journey by making voltage stabilizers. To date, it has built the latest models of stabilizers. The brand produces stabilizers for AC, fridge, inverter, etc. Moreover, the brand also sells stabilizers for other entertainment appliances like tv, music system, etc.

Most of the stabilizers gave aluminium winding for better durability. They have the latest technology. Thus these stabilizers balance out the fluctuation in power supply. Thus, it keeps your home safe from power mishaps. By buyer’s review, it is safe to say that V-Guard stabilizers are one of the best in the market. Moreover, people have shown extra gratitude towards the company’s customer service. The brand has an exceptional reputation. They provide the best post-sale services.

V-Guard Inverter:

The company offers good inverters for almost every home appliance. Moreover, you can find an inverter for the home’s main power supply line as well. The best part about these inverters is their smart technologies. These inverters have an auto-switch technique to start automatically. When the power goes down, these inverters start operation smoothly.

These inverters have a solid body. They are almost fully metal built. Thus, it becomes durable and runs long. Moreover, the post-sale service is also good. Delivery timing and buyer assistance are great. Furthermore to its quality, the price range is also moderate. Thus every buyer can afford a required inverter from the brand.

V-Guard Air cooler:

V-Guard has brought international standards in terms of quality. They maintain it in building air coolers too. They have imported foreign technologies. Later they have infused them with classic models. These coolers are great performers. Indian weather is highly humid and very hot. But these colours are built to beat the scorching heat of summer.

The brand uses cross ventilation to spread effective cooling. These air coolers have bigger size tanks. Also, they use a honeycomb cooling pad. Furthermore, low power usage is the best part of these coolers. Moreover, these air coolers have good air throw quality. Thus, you can get cool air in each corner of the room. All the features make these coolers the best of all the air coolers in India.



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