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Things to consider while choosing Air Cooler

With plenty of options available at online stores, choosing the best Air cooler is not such an easy task. So, our expert team completed a deep analysis to finalize what to be considered while purchasing Air cooler in India.

The factors are

  • Capacity
  • Cooling pad
  • Humidity
  • Power consumption
  • Air throw
  • Air filter


The ideal capacity of an air cooler depends on the usage type. If you are using an air cooler for personal purposes, then a lower-capacity water tank will also perform well. But if you are buying an air cooler for the living room, a higher capacity cooler is required. Another benefit of having a higher-capacity air cooler is that it will run through all night without the need to refill the tank.  Here is a chart, according to the size of your room, what capacity air cooler you should buy.

Type of usageRoom SizeCapacity
Personal useSmall to medium12 to 25 Liters
Personal usemedium to large20 to 30 Liters
Living room useSmall to medium30 to 60 Liters
Living room usemedium to largeMore than 60 Liters

Cooling pad

The cooling pad for an air cooler is the most important feature. The best air cooler below 5000 Rs. has a honeycomb cooling pad in the system. Similar to beehive architecture, the honeycomb pad provides better water retention. The cooling pad efficiently transforms hot air to cool humid air. As a result, consumers can experience a cooling effect for a longer period.


The humidity of your region determines whether you should buy an air cooler or not. The air cooler mechanism uses water to reduce the air temperature. But it also increases humidity in the room. You might live in a highly humid area. Then a cooler can add up the humidity level to a dangerous limit. Excessive high humidity can be fatal to our health. Experts always advise using an air cooler under 40% humid weather.

Power consumption

You might be confused about choosing between an air conditioner & an air cooler. Then let me help you a bit. The average air cooler uses about 90% less energy compared to most air conditioners. When a 1.5-ton ac consumes around 1.5 unit energy every hour, an air cooler uses only .2-.5 units in an hour. Buying an air cooler is always a more cost-friendly option.

Air throw

You can call an air cooler the best of its league, only if it has good air throw power. Air throw distance is the displacement of air from the product. The farthest point, where cool air can reach with a minimum velocity of 0.5m/s, is the air throw distance of the cooler. If your air cooler has a large water tank but poor air throw, buying it does not make any sense. A better air throw distance allows you to enjoy the cooling effect on any corner of your room.

Air filter

Pollution is an uprising concern in modern society. That is why choose an air cooler having multiple air filters. Multistage filters throw out clean air, which is pollan, debris, fine dust-free. The best air cooler below 5000 Rs offers different air filters for its consumers’ good health. Be sure that your air cooler also has two or more filters. Those filters ensure a cool & clean air experience.

Hope this helps to choose the best Air cooler that fits for you.! Look at some best Air cooler price 3000 to 5000



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