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SAMSUNG: A Brand That Owns Your Kitchen And Home too.

Samsung is the largest conglomerate company in South Korea. It was started back in 1936 by Late Mr. Lee Byung. Now it is worth more than the US $327 billion. However, the company was started as a small-scale trading agency. At first, it dealt with rice, sugar refinery, garments, etc. Soon, Mr. Lee aimed to build the Samsung Company. Even during the previous period, it held the record of owning the largest woolen mill in the country. 

Around 1948, when Cho Hong Yai joined Lee as a co-investor, they both started the Samsung group. Yet, after a few years, they split up due to differences. Their business management system differs from one another. Still, the group continues to gain diversity. Then it spreads its operating sectors in almost every known market.

The Brand’s Electronics Venture:

After the group entered the electronics market in 1980, the scale of the brand has changed like magic. It had started with producing a black & white tv set. Then, the brand had produced semiconductors, faxes, telephones, and several other electronic devices. To capture the front of the world electronics board, Samsung developed its R&D team. After that, it invested in foreign countries like Portugal, the USA, and Japan. Thus they built their production plants for tv, semiconductors, etc. From that early era to now, America has always been Samsung’s largest foreign investor. 

Soon, the brand became the largest manufacturer of electronics products.

Samsung mobile is one of the most sought-after sectors under the group. On a rough scale, no. of employees working under Samsung mobile is bigger than the combined number of employees of Apple, Microsoft, and Google. The previous statement is based according to 2013 data.

Acquisition By The Group:

Other than Samsung being a parent company, it has also acquired Rolly, a German camera producing company in 1995. After that, Rolly started manufacturing Swiss watches made of crystals.

There are many failed acquisition attempts by groups such as Fokker, AST research, etc.  But, by today’s time, the group solely contributes 16% to South Korea’s GDP.

 Samsung Microwave Oven:

Samsung Microwave Ovens are one of the top-notch products which you may find in the market. However, the brand produces microwave ovens in South Korea. Although, it has high-quality material. With the latest technology, its ovens surely win a consumer’s heart.

Moreover, the brand has brought the newest techniques like slim fry, steam cleaning in its microwaves. To be honest, these technologies made a huge impact on daily lives and people’s health. Also, TDS cooking technology is another plus point of this appliance. Thus, It helps to cook food more evenly.

Samsung AC:

Every other Indian household has a Samsung AC. From industrial AC to window AC, the brand offers every type. You can also get a portable AC to a wall mount ac under the brand. The ACs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. With a higher rating in energy-saving mode, you can save some bucks on your bills. 

Moreover, its inverter ACs are cheaper. You can get high-quality durable products at a low cost. However, the brand offers around a 10 years warranty period to its digital inverter. This adds to the life expectancy of the AC. Most models are convertible with a copper condenser. Thus, the model does not get rusted under tropical weather conditions.

Samsung Refrigerator:

The group has refrigerator-producing plants in South Korea, Germany. India, China, Hungary, and many other countries also have plants. Surely, it helps to run country-wise product distribution. Its refrigerators are one of the most sold electronics products by the group. 

The brand builds smart fridges with Twin Cooling Technology. You get a feather touch monitoring screen for easy usage. Also, there are smart lock features too. Latex box is there to keep the freshness of green veggies intact inside the fridge. Moreover, the brand produces double door and single door fridges. You also find side-by-side and four-door models under the brand’s name.

Samsung Washing Machine:

The group owns the crown of the highest-rated washing machine by consumer reviews. Its front-load machines are great performers. It has water plus techniques. Thus, the machine can enhance its power by adding water to the cycle. These washers are cost-friendly and easy to operate. 

The brand offers unique models with different capacities. Thus, every customer can choose the best option for him. Moreover, the size and weight of these washers are very user-friendly. From small homes to big houses, these models can fit themselves anywhere. Also, the prices are always great according to its features and performance. 

 Samsung Air purifier:

Samsung air purifiers are small and stylish. No wonder that people will choose it. Because, it enhances their home’s beauty. As much pollution is rising, having an air purifier is a must now. Especially in urban households, the brand adds a great help by its air purifiers. 

It has True HEPA filters. For that, the air purifiers can eliminate even negligible particles from the air. To make it handier, the brand has attached it to your phone. You can operate it via smartphone. User-friendly apps and smart sensors give the product an upper edge. The most famous model is the Samsung AX5500.



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