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LG Group: Subsidiaries, Products; What is famous & Why?

LG is South Korea’s fourth-largest conglomerate company founded in 1947. It was started as the 1st South Korean company to operate in the Plastic industry. After that, it expanded its business. Now, it operates in different sectors like electronics, engineering, chemicals. Telecommunications, IT, Power generation are also the group’s operation fields.

LG Electronics

Since 1958, the brand has entered the electronics market. With innovative design and high-quality research, LG electronics has built a large market for itself. It has 4 business units. Home appliances and telecom are the two most successful units. In India, the brand is the largest producer of refrigerators and washing machines.

The electronics subsidiaries produce and sell different products such as semiconductors, tv, mobile. They also produce security devices, Thin-Film Transistors.

LG Chemical

LG chemical is the largest chemical company in South Korea. It has a business network in 15 countries. It first started as a producer of cosmetics. Later it starts expanding its business. The company produces vehicle batteries, basic materials for telecom, and much more. Polycarbonates, industrial textiles, toners, medicines are also made under the group logo. In 1999, the company first started mass-producing lithium-ion batteries. This was one of the achieved milestones by the group.

To many people’s surprise, Chevrolet Volt, The Ford Focus Electric uses LG Chem-produced cells to date. Soon it will enlist all of its energy division under LG energy solution.

Joint Ventures

The group has done a lot of successful joint ventures throughout its decades-long journey. In 1980, LG-Hitachi launched their first JV. It was to import computers and their parts to South Korea. From then, there were many more JVs between them.

Hitachi-LG Data Storage, LG-Hitachi Water Solutions were very sought-after events. Since then, both brands continue a good partnership. Later Hitachi transferred technologies for the group’s electronics products.

The brand is also planning to manufacture parts for electric cars. For that, in 2020, the group and Magna International have launched the LG Magna e-Powertrain. They aim to produce electric motors, chargers, inverters, etc. If the JV becomes successful, it will add more shine to both groups.

LG Display

Since a JV between Philips and the group in 1999, LG Display came into play. This company produces and sells liquid crystal displays. They are the main licensed producer to manufacture IPS panels used by Dell, Apple, Asus, and others. Later Philips sold its shares. Thus, the group became the sole owner of LG Display.

LG Washing Machine

Its washing machines range from 6 kg to 18 kg. This means you can pick according to your family size. Rust-free body and low water usage are some popular features of the product.

Though a common problem of these washing machines is noise. But regular maintenance makes the product worth every penny. The price range also starts from low and then goes high. The latest jet spray design and other new features make the products smart and convenient. For the latest, LG ThinQ front load washing machine has won the 2020 CES Innovation award.

LG Air Conditioners

The brand’s ACs are one of the best products from the brand. With dual inverter technology, these ACs outperform their competitors. On average, these ACs last around 15 years. This can be a great feature. Its ACs are designed to consume less power and work quietly.

The portable ACs are the best among other brands’ products. For easy installation, consumers prefer this product. Moreover, the brand also uses an anti-virus protection HD filter in AC. Thus, it keeps the air clean of bacteria and viruses. With comfort, these ACs also take care of your health. Furthermore, the price range and capacity vary from model to model. The after-sale service is also good.

LG Refrigerator

Unlike some other brands, its fridges are truly frost-free. This is a huge plus point of these products.  Also, the brand offers new models for every type of fridge.  Moreover, It is the first brand to bring the 1st direct cool larger capacity fridge for big families.

┬áMoreover, the brand uses Liner cooling technology. It helps to keep the freshness of food unaltered for 14 days. For sudden week-long plans, you don’t need to clean your fridge now. The group is also one of the largest fridge-selling brands in India. Thus you can get service help anywhere in India without any trouble.

LG RO Water purifier

India’s Heart Care Foundation has certified LG RO Water Purifier for providing health-friendly drinkable water. Evidently, it alone can justify the reason for popularity. That is why people prefer the products so much.

As drinking water quality is not the same in every region. Hence, the brand also builds unique water purifiers. Those are suitable to test each type of water. The RO water purifier is best for urban area drinking water containing impurities. However, the maintenance charge is quite high for this product. But the brand provides original pre-filter change. Thus, it helps to maintain the quality service of the appliance.



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