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Keep Inverter Batteries for Longer Life

The inverter battery is an essential electrical home appliance in the event of a power outage. One must ensure its proper maintenance to keep working in the longer run.

It recommended checking the compatibility of the inverter battery.

It can be difficult to compare the inverter and battery pack. The ideal solution is to choose a combination of inverter and battery, especially if you are purchasing an inverter for the first time.

It is best to avoid local batteries

People tend to use an excellent inverter but get stingy when purchasing a battery. They prefer a domestic battery because it costs less.

Domestic brands of inverter batteries generally release toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide Which could be harmful to the family and the environment. Well-known brands guarantee low emissions levels, while domestic brands do not.

These brands also require a lot of maintenance and don’t come with extended warranties. Many people choose reconditioned batteries. It is not recommended because it can be unsafe and have no long life.

The extended warranty is useful any day.

All home appliances come with warranties and guarantees. One must know the difference between these two terms. The warranty requires that the manufacturer replace the product for free if there is a fault that cannot be repaired within the specified warranty period.

On the other hand, a warranty refers to the period during which the user is eligible to benefit from free repairs during that period.

generally, inverter batteries come with a two-year warranty and a three to four-year warranty. it is recommended that you choose a battery that comes with an extended warranty period.

Various warranty concepts of inverter battery

Manufacturers like Luminous offer various types of the warranty such as fixed warranty and proportional warranty.

For example, if Luminous offers a 75-month Flat + Pro-rata Warranty (60 + 15 months), it requires the company to provide free services for the first 60 months from the date of purchase.

After that, the user can replace the old inverter battery with a new Luminous model and receive a discount of a predetermined value on the battery’s prevailing retail price. It is also referred to by some companies as ‘repurchase’ value.

How to clean the battery

Points to consider if you need inverter batteries to keep working for a longer run.

Your inverter batteries can last a long time if maintained well. These tips can help you in this regard.

It is not recommended to expose the battery to direct sunlight. Usually, you have adapters with carriages that provide the necessary protection for the battery.

It should be the battery Keep away from all sources of heat, In a dry and well-ventilated place. Flat and tubular batteries require more ventilation because they emit toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, especially domestic brands.

Ensure that the battery terminals have adequate insulation. Children may touch it and suffer unnecessary mishaps.

  • Advised to keep batteries out of the reach of children.
  • Better to put the battery is at ground level.
  • Appropriate to observe the float indicators in them from time to time.
  • If you have SMF batteries, you can keep them at elevated levels.

Although these batteries are known as lead-acid batteries, acid should never be added to a battery. Refilling should be done with distilled water alone. Distilled water is available at battery stores and gasoline beds.

It is not recommended to keep the battery water indicator caps open. Inverter batteries come with extended warranties. Hence, it is best to contact an authorized service representative for maintenance.

You can exchange your old battery for a new one and get a suitable discount. Therefore, they should not be disposed of in litter boxes, etc. These batteries are recyclable.

One must use inverter batteries regularly. If there is no power outage for a whole month, you can turn off the power and allow the inverter to supply power for a cycle. It helps to discharge the battery and recharge it again.

Battery terminals must be free from corrosion. If you notice rust or salt accumulation on the terminals, it is best to clean them. A combination of Hot water and baking soda can be helpful. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the ends. Once cleaned, you should apply Vaseline or Vaseline on the ends, nuts, and bolts to prevent further wear.

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