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How to Choose the Best RO Water Purifier

It’s really hard to believe that we started buying drinking water. Water technology has grown up with innovation towards water purification and human health. Let’s see what needs to be considered choosing the Best RO water purifier in India.

The Water Quality is Crucial

Before selecting the ideal water purifier for your home, it is critical to determine the water source and quality. Groundwater and wells contain heavy salts that can affect the water’s taste. You need an RO water purifier to trap these pollutants. Houses depending on rivers and lakes can find water contaminated with human and industrial waste.

An RO water purifier with UV purification can prove helpful. There can be large sedimentary impurities in water. Such water requires UF purification. Hence, the best RO water purifier in India is one that exhibits all these three purification techniques.

Contamination Levels

It is vital to check the water contamination levels before selecting the ideal water purifier for your home. One should understand that pure water without any dissolved salts and having a pH value of 7 is tasteless to drink. In addition, water should contain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

At the same time, one should ensure that harmful metals like arsenic, antimony, and lead do not get into your system. Therefore, one should measure the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels in water before selecting the best RO in India.

This table should help you determine the optimum TDS levels in water for domestic use.

TDS LevelsInference
Between 50 and 150Excellent for drinking
Between 150 and 250Good and Acceptable
Between 250 and 300Satisfactory but acceptable
Between 300 and 500Poor quality and not fit for drinking
Between 500 and 1200Needs purification treatment before consumption
Above 1200Not acceptable

Budget and Maintenance Costs

RO water purification is the most sophisticated water purification technology, especially for domestic use. Besides, RO water purifiers require constant maintenance, like changing filters and membranes at regular intervals. Hence, it is an expensive process to maintain.

However, it is essential to have RO water purifiers in the home because not purifying the water before consumption can lead to health hazards. Therefore, budget is a crucial aspect to consider before choosing water purifiers for your home.

We have considered the three most crucial factors when purchasing an RO water purifier for domestic use. Let us now review some of the best RO in India to help you make an informed decision.



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