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Havells: The Fast Rising Indian Multinational Company

Havells Products

Havells is a well-known name in the electronics and electrical market in India. The brand was founded back in 1958. Since then, it is rising and rising with constant quality products and services. Although the company is relatively new compared to other brands of the same league. Still, Havells has become a home name for Indians in a very short time. Mr. Qimat Rai Gupta founded a small electrical goods trading business in Bhagirath Place, Delhi, India. Since then, the brand has been selling goods across the world.

The Fast Rise Of The Brand:

Havells is an example of how an Indian grown business can achieve big in the world market. Further, it also shows how a non-business man can set up a company and promote it to rise.

Mr. Qimat Rai Gupta was a school teacher. With his brilliancy, he saved a fellow trader’s business when it faced a crisis. That’s where today’s Havells started to be born. Mr. Qimat only acquired the brand of the former’s business due to a lack of capital. With a primary investment of Rs 10 lakhs, he bought the business in 1971. Because it was quite known to people. Now, Havells has become India’s largest manufacturer of electrical goods. In the lighting business, it holds the place of being the fourth largest company in the world market. Now, it is worth more than US $1.3 billion.

The best part of this company is its purely Indian origin. Even after dominating the electrical goods market, they still produce products within Delhi city limits. This is one of the reasons why you should be proud of this brand.

Products And Subsidiaries Of The Brand:

The company produces home and kitchen appliances and lighting ranging from domestic to commercial and industrial usage. Induction motors, wiring accessories, cables and wires, switchgear, etc also fall under the brand’s products lists. The company has more than 23 branches in over 50 countries. Further, the company has 11 manufacturing plants in India.

Mr. Qimat had acquired some other businesses. Those are now considered as Havells subsidiaries. Those are some big names like Lloyd, Crabtree, Rao and Promptech, and Standard Electric.

Here, we have analyzed Havells infamous home appliances range and the reasons behind it.

Havells geysers:

Geysers of this brand are unique, smart, and cost-saving purchases. The company provides deep research to make innovative designs in geysers. That’s why these geysers are IoT-enabled. Thus, you can control the appliance via your smartphone. Moreover, the LED indicator also changes colors to make monitoring easy.

To explain further, these geysers are highly durable with rust-free bodies. Copper heating element and low power consumption is very notable feature. Havells is one of the yards that produce LPG gas water heaters. Excluding that, instant and storage water heaters are the most popular products by the brand. Also, Natural gas water heaters are a great product by the brand.

Havells ceiling fan:

It will not be a lie if we say every other Indian house has a Havells ceiling fan. Because the brand is one of the most trusted in this category. People have chosen the products as one of the quietest fans. Those unsure about the quality of the products.

These fans run smoothly at different speed limits. Moreover, the blades of fans are specially designed to throw air downwards as well to the corner of the room. The material also is humid weather resistant. Thus ceiling fans will not get rust and have a good life expectancy. Further, the ceiling fans range from regular to premium categories. That’s why you can find the best buy according to your budget.

Havells water purifier:

These products are some of the most promising products of the brand. Different technologies like RO, UV, UF filtering systems earn the product’s quality badge.

The elegant design, sleek body add aesthetic to one’s home. Even, they use LED panels so you can check the purifier even in the dark. Nevertheless, the feather touch screen on the body makes it easy to operate for buyers. People have also confirmed that these purifiers enhance water to taste. Also, TDS has come down about 80% after a single filter on these water purifiers. Thus, the brand ensures buyers’ good health.

Havells air cooler:

The air coolers of the brand are smart and innovative. With cool design and outlook, you get the latest technologies too in these products. While other brands’ coolers work on natural evaporation. But these coolers have Breath Eezee technologies. It has dust filters that prevent dust from entering inside the cooler.

These coolers have covered water tanks and an auto draining system. Thus, you can be assured about not breeding mosquitoes in cooler tanks.

The brand sells all four types of coolers like a desert, personal, tower, and window cooler. Moreover, all the models have 4 swing movable wheels for easy portability. Furthermore, these coolers make the least noise in operation. Thus you get sound sleep at night.



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