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Crompton: From Sudden Fall To Rise

In 1878, R.E.B Crompton and James Greaves founded Crompton Greaves Limited. After several acquisitions of its stakes, the company has become a major group in its field. In 1947, Thapar Group acquired the company. But in 2020, Murugappa Group buys 56% shares of the company. As of now, the group is still under Murugappa Group. This is an Indian multinational company. Now, it is currently worth revenue of more than US $2 billion.

History Of The Group:

This is probably the only group that has gone through several name changes during its different parent companies. The last name change was in 2017. At that time, it was under Thapar’s. They changed the brand’s name to CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited. Till now, the group is known by the same name.

In 2014, the group demerged itself to separate its consumer goods business from its power and industrial business. That’s why, in 2016, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals first appeared.

The group is operating in designing and manufacturing power supply products. Moreover, they also produce products related to power transmission and distribution.

Fall And Rise Of The Group:

While being under Thapar’s Group, scam hits hard CG power. In 2019, the employees performed illegal transactions under the company’s liability. That’s why CG Power shares fell to the biggest low of all time.

After the huge blow-up, Chennai-based Murugappa Group takes control of the brand. After that, they have enforced a new board of directors. When Murugappa Group acquired CG Power, it had a debt of Rs 2161 crore. The former group aims to make the latter debt-free in the next 5 years.

Crompton Home And Kitchen Appliances:

Though in 2015, Crompton Consumer Goods exited the CG Power group, it still holds its place in the market. Crompton has become one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of home & kitchen appliances in the country. Their undeniable price, top quality, and trusted customer service have played a key role in its popularity.

From decorating your home to helping you in the kitchen, Crompton has every type of product. Here, you can get lighting, ceiling fan, air cooler, mixer grinder, water heater, etc.

Let’s check why these products are so popular among the buyers.

Crompton Geyser:

This product is the benchmark of higher standards of the same range of appliances. Because the brand has delivered high quality and excellent performance through to each product. The instant geysers offer a storage capacity of up to 3 liters. Thus the product becomes suitable for most minimalist homes.

The best part of these appliances is their heat retention capacity. For that, the brand chooses copper heating elements to build the geyser. Furthermore, the water pressure handling capabilities are also great. To our surprise, these geysers are capable of withstanding up to 10 bar water pressure. Thus it becomes a great choice for people living in high-rise buildings.

Crompton Air cooler:

No doubt the air cooler from the brand is an excellent product. The brand offers a different price range in each of the products. It depends on the model type and specialties. Although, the group offers different types of cooler. Like, you can find a personal cooler as well as a desert cooler too. Thus, you can decorate your home with these products based on your needs.

The brand never compromises with the quality of the product. To ensure an efficient cooling system, they use a honeycomb pad and a Wood Wool pad. Thus buyers get assurance against their purchase. Moreover, the brand builds inverter compatible geysers too. Surely, it is a great feature for modern people.

Crompton ceiling fan:

Ceiling fans from the brand are probably the most preferred products in Indian households. because the products offer durability and great mechanisms. That’s why Indians preferred these ceiling fans over other brands’ products. Also, most of these appliances have 100% copper winding. This ensures the durability and life expectancy of the product.

Another good feature about these fans is their low power input. This helps buyers to keep their power usage limited. Moreover, you may find products according to your budget range. Still, you don’t have to compromise on quality service.

Crompton mixer grinder:

A mixer grinder is another kitchen appliance that the brand produces and sells. if we look at the consumer review, the ratings of the product are 5 out of 5. This ensures customer satisfaction after using the product. Also, some people may find this mixer is a little higher price than other brands’ products. but it is the quality and performance that makes the differences among the various appliances.

These mixer grinders have premium quality in the body. Next thing is that the jars are highly sturdy. Also, some products have transparent lids. Thus, you can check the grinding process without opening the lid. To be honest, this is a huge time-saving design for busy people.



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