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Ceiling Fan Wattage in India

Wattage defines the power required to function the motor. The ceiling fan works with the electric motor. Depending on the brand, size, speed (RPM), and wings motor varies. Wattage varies with respect to the motor of the ceiling fan.

Lesser the wattage, the lesser the power consumption. This results in reduced power bills throughout the usage. In India, most ceiling fans work with two different types of motors.

  1. Traditional Motor
  2. BLDC Motor

Ceiling Fan Wattage

The wattage of a ceiling fan with a traditional motor varies from around 68 watts to 80 watts. When it comes to the BLDC motor, it works with the range of 26 watts to 32 watts. Compared to traditional motors, BLDC motors save 60% of electricity consumption.

Most consumers lean towards the BLDC Technology for its lesser wattage and less power consumption. Almost, all brands adapted to the BLDC technology to sell energy-saving products in India.

How dose ceiling fan wattage really matter?

When choosing the best ceiling fan, the power consumption of the ceiling fan matters. One purchase going to save your money on electricity for the next 6 to 8 years. An increase in the power of the motor will rapidly increase the wattage of the ceiling fan motor. Always know the room size and choose the best fan with lesser wattage.

Sometimes, adding INR 300 to 500 extra will save you more than INR 2000 for the years to come. Actually, that is the real difference between the traditional fans and BLDC fans in India.

Factors to Choose the Ceiling Fan

Choosing the ceiling fan is not as easy as just searching the ceiling fan on amazon and buying something it shows in the top results. You always, need to keep your requirements clear choosing the ceiling fan. Below are some important factors in choosing ceiling fans in India.

  • Sweepsize based on room size.
  • Reputed brand.
  • Type of Motor.
  • Ceiling fan Wattage.
  • Number of Blades.
  • Design and Decoration of fan.
  • Additional features like remote, Led light, etc.


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