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Understanding Best wattage for Microwave Oven

For different microwaves with unique capacities, the wattage range differs in every model. As the wattage is the main concern over electricity consumption and electricity bills, consumers tend to discuss that part for a long time. So, we explained the best wattage for a microwave oven.

To be honest, how you want to use the microwave oven also contributes to your electricity bill. If you are not a regular user of the oven, then you will get negligible power consumption in your monthly bill from microwave usage. But some people use the oven as a regular kitchen appliance. For them, knowing how your oven wattage works is crucial.

Here we have answered your question regarding wattage and its reflection in electricity bills. Have a read throughout the last.

How does wattage reflect a microwave’s electricity consumption?

For microwave ovens, wattage implies electricity power. The wattage determines how good a microwave oven is. If we want to state more clearly, a higher wattage microwave oven works faster than a lower wattage microwave oven.

The average wattage of a microwave oven runs between 600 and 1200 Watts, depending on the capacity of the product and other features. For better efficiency & performance, some microwave ovens have wattage up to 2400 watts.

But these higher wattage microwave ovens often come at a higher price. The reason is its high-quality performance. In fact, when you buy a higher wattage oven, it not only cooks food fast but also the food gets cooked evenly.

Whereas, for lower wattage microwaves, you need to remove the bowl and stir the food in the middle of the cooking process to let the food get cooked evenly. But a higher wattage oven does not require a human interface for that.

Understanding How power consumption calculated

Power consumption is related to the operational hours of an appliance. For microwave ovens, we can calculate power consumption by multiplying operational hours with stated wattage.

Understanding power consumption

Power consumption = Stated wattage of microwave oven X its operation time

That means, if a 1000 wattage oven runs for 1 hour daily, then per day it consumes 1 kWh electricity. Similarly, for a 900 Watts oven running one-hour demands,

900 X 1= 900 watts hour = 0.9 kWh

Now, if you use this oven 30 days straight for a month, then it consumes,

0.9 kWh X 30 = 27 kWh per month

Now for calculating your electricity bill, you need to multiply per unit electricity price by a whole month’s power consumption. The result will indicate how much you need to pay for using an oven.

As electricity unit price varies in different regions, your electricity bills might differ too.

Best wattage for Microwave Oven of each type


Microwave Oven Type

Microwave Oven Capacity

Suitable Family Size

Best Suited Wattage


15-20 L


2- 4 Family members

800 Watts


21-30 L

1200- 2800 Watts


21-30 L

1200- 2800 Watts


25-30 L


4-6 family members

1200 watts


32 L & above

More than 1500 Watts


32 L & above

2100 Watts


We hope that you get a good understanding of wattage and how it works. As you can now calculate your bill without any professional help, use your microwave oven whenever you need without thinking much about the power bill.



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