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Best taps brands in India

Looking for the best taps brands in India? Here we go. We prepared the list with expert reviews, experience, quality, price, durability, etc.

India is the hot market for sanitary ware brands. Therefore, we listed brands from local to international available in India for Indian customers.

Taps are primarily available in plastic & Stainless steel. Stainless steel taps work longer compared to regular plastic taps concerning the quality of water. If water is salty, it’s advised to prefer plastic taps.

Best taps brands in India

1. Kohler

Kohler is an American-based sanitary ware products manufacturer company. It has a business all over the world. In India, Kohler products top the list for their quality and durability.

Kohler’s products are costlier compared to other brands. But, that said, no other brand can beat the quality, design, and water technology of their products in the Indian market.


Cera is an India-based multinational company that has vast experience in manufacturing Sanitary ware products in India. So if you are looking for the best quality sanitary ware, which includes taps, basins, toilet hangings, Cera is one of India’s best and top quality brands.

Cera’s R&D team derives more innovation in sanitary ware products, which consume less energy and water than other brands. Their products are available cheaper online compared to the retail stores in the market.

3. Jaguar

Jaguar is the most selling sanitary ware brand in India. It has a product at all the price ranges and Quality depends on the cost of the products. Jaguar taps are the best among the most affordable and quality products.

Like any other brand, Jaguar manufactures all the sanitary ware, starting from taps to basins. It provides an option for customers from basic models to luxurious models for the price and quality. This is the best and most sold taps brand in India.

4. Hindware

Hindware started its business in India in 1960. It initially exported Chinese products/designs to Indian customers. Later, hindware itself became established by acquiring other ceramic firms. Their sanitaryware products in India are customer-friendly with budget prices.

Hindware products have elegant design and are built on very good stainless steel which can withstand shard water too. These brand products are sold both online and in physical stores.


ESS ESS is a sanitaryware brand of Asian Paints. Their products are the best for hard water, and they can withstand for a longer time without any issues. ESS ESS brand manufactures only taps and fittings. Unlike any other sanitaryware brand, ESS ESS will not provide ceramic items.

The prices of ESS ESS taps are costlier as they look dominant in design and are built to withstand high-pressure water conditions. ESS ESS from Asian Paints is one of the best taps brands in India.



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