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Best Portable AC in India

Are you in search of the best portable AC in India? Then you are in the right place. Though, the concept of portable AC is a bit new in India. But there are plenty of efficient portable ACs available in the market. if you like to go with the wall attached best 1.5 ton AC in India this is not the right place.

Indian love products that are durable. With smarter techniques, we also want convenient portable AC prices in India. So, we have brought 5 best portable AC, you can choose from. Based on consumer reviews, these portable ACs are the most efficient performers. These products are also very budget-oriented.

To craft the list, we have considered the below factors in the products. Those are- Capacity, Material of condenser, Compressor protection, Refrigerant type, Cost of the product, Mobility, Room size & family size

Best Portable AC in India

1. Blue star 1 ton AC – PC12DB

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The blue star is an Indian commercial brand. It has been operating & leading the industry of home cooling appliances for years now. The brand has earned quality status in producing, selling and marketing air conditioners. Their R&D department has built a rock-solid reputation in making the best portable AC in India.

The Blue Star portable AC 1 ton has Dynamic Drive Design Technology. It helps the product in achieving higher energy efficiency while providing effective cooling. With this compact & stylish air conditioner, you can have cool & pure air circulation. Its eco-friendly nature does not contribute to rising air pollution. You can also operate this AC via remote control, which makes it compatible with smart homes.

Blue Star 1 Ton AC

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This AC model is best suitable for a medium-size room with 2-3 people. Blue star 1 ton Ac is packed with Quick cooling, self-diagnosis, Auto mode, etc.

BlueStar 1 ton Portable AC specifications
Model1 ton AC – PC12DB
Tonnage1 ton
AC TypePortable AC
Condenser coilCopper
Wattage1350 watts
RefrigerantR410A refrigerant
Voltage230 Volts
CompressorHydrophilic Gold Fin coating
Special featuresAuto mode to control humidity, Pure air circulation
Warranty1 year for Product, 5 years for compressor
Remote ControllableYes

Expert Review

  • It does not need any battery
  • The product has castor wheels, which makes it more convenient to move
  • It has a self-diagnosis feature. It detects the damage to AC more quickly.
  • Gold Fin technology protects the compression against water condensation.
  • Dust & antibacterial silver coating protects against airborne disease
  • Digital panel with remote control system makes it easy in handling
  • Electronic panel with feather touch technology provides a better user experience
  • This portable AC price in India also runs within budget.
  • Setting up an exhaust pipe might be a bit difficult.
  • The electricity consumption is little high.

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2. Lloyd 1 Ton Portable ACLP12B01TP

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Lloyd is an impeccable quality product provider. In terms of innovation, designing and service, Lloyd is unmatched. Even, its price range is tempting. We also assure you of its quality products, as Havells India owns Lloyd. Operating in India since 1956, Lloyd has a loyal consumer base. The reason is its budget-friendly portable AC price in India.

There are a lot of attractive features in this Lloyd portable AC 1 ton. It has a 360° operating mode. You also can enjoy pure & clean airflow on any side of the room with a double swing feature and clean air filter. Its stylish outer shell can enhance the aesthetic of your room.

Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC

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100% copper building provides a longer life self. Be worry-free from dust & water condensation on the compressor or condenser coil. According to its size and efficiency, this Lloyd portable AC is compatible with 110 sq ft room size. About 2-3 people can enjoy its super-effective cooling system at a time.

Lloyd 1 ton Portable AC specifications
Model1 ton AC – LP12B01TP
Tonnage1 ton
AC TypePortable AC
Condenser coilCopper
Wattage3400 watts
RefrigerantR410A refrigerant
Voltage230 Volts
CompressorNon Inverter
Special features360° movement, Double swing airflow, Auto-restart, LED display
Warranty1 year
Remote ControllableYes

Expert Review

  • The product has strong caster wheels, enables it for 360° operation
  • It has 100% copper built tubes for faster heat exchange
  • Copper made condenser coil is also corrosive resistant.
  • A smart remote control makes the product suitable for smart homes.
  • Energy-saving refrigerant
  • Bluefin Eva coils keep condenser coils safe from dust & water droplets. It increases the durability of the condenser coil.
  • The sleep mode feature gives you an undisturbed sleeping experience.
  • It is a little more expensive than the former ones.

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3. Croma 1.5 Ton Portable ACCRAC1201

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Croma is the first of India’s retail store chains, with 160+ stores around the country. The brand is owned by Infinity Retail, a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons. Croma is a specialized brand that sells multi-brand electronic products under one roof. As it is a Tata product, which needs no more explanation of being a trustworthy brand.

The Croma 1.5 ton portable AC can beat the scorching heat of Indian summer with its 4-way air swing technology. It also uses an R410A refrigerant, which has a zero ozone depletion element. Now you can enjoy the cool air without harming the environment anymore. The blue evaporator and condenser fin enhance the heat exchanging power. It also generates a faster cooling effect.

Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC

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With multiple modes of operation, this portable AC is one of the best products in the market of its range. Also, the AC is suitable for a 170 sq ft room, which means at least 2-4 people can enjoy the cooling effect together at a time. With no argument, this Croma air conditioner earns its place in the list of the best portable AC in India.

Expert Review

Croma 1.5 ton Portable AC specifications
Model1.5 ton AC – LP12B01TP
Tonnage1.5 ton
AC TypePortable AC
Condenser coilCopper
Wattage2300 Watts
RefrigerantR410A refrigerant
Voltage230 Volts
CompressorSingle Rotary
Special featuresBlue Evaparator and condenser Fins, Water-Auto-Evaporated
Warranty1 year
Remote ControllableYes

  • It has versatile modes to provide consumers with a unique air conditioner experience.
  • The product has a blue evaporator with condenser fins. It provides faster heat transformation & better cooling.
  • You get an air-conditioner, humidifier & fan, all 3 in 1 product, which is cost-saving.
  • No water dripping technology is the biggest attraction of this product. It makes the AC hassle-free.
  • The self-diagnosis feature protects the AC from bigger damage. It becomes cost-effective for maintenance.
  • The noise level is a little higher than its market competitors.

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4. Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC – CPCATF-PQ3S12

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In service for 25 years, Cruise is an Indian AC brand. Serving premium quality products and services, Cruise has built trust among its consumers. The best part about this brand is its eco-friendly nature. From its environmentally positive refrigerant to its energy-saving power, Cruise has an impressive list of products, being the best portable AC in India.

Even a perfect AC can make you uncomfortable because of installation issues. But this cruise portable AC 1 ton comes in a ready-to-use mode. Now, no need to make multiple calls to the manufacturer for in-time installation. Buy it, then bring it home & you are ready to use it. Its functions like AC, dehumidifier, air purifier & fan mode are the major features of it.

Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC

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The 120° wide-angle airflow with a manually adjustable feature is a big plus. It gives convenience & comfort to the user. This sleek & compact home appliance has the air purification technique of Germany. The product catches dust & pollens, then circulates pure air inside your room.

Cruise 1 ton Portable AC specifications
Model1 ton AC – CPCATF-PQ3S12
Tonnage1 ton
AC TypePortable AC
Condenser coilCopper
Wattage3500 Watts
RefrigerantR410A refrigerant
Voltage230 Volts
CompressorTropical-x rotary
Special featuresBluetech anti-corrosive protection, Dust & anti-bacterial filter,
Window slider kit
Warranty1 year
Remote ControllableYes

Expert Review

  • The hydrophilic blue coating enhances condenser performance & efficiency.
  • Its inner grooved copper tubes can exchange heat 30-50% faster
  • The product has an incredible design for superior performance, even at 50°C.
  • Auto evaporation system gives you a hassle-free user experience. No water dripping on the floor, neither water accumulating on the condenser coil.
  • The feather touch LED display panel has a 24-hr timer.
  • The portable AC price in India is high.

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Expert answers for FAQ

Which is the best portable AC in India?

As per consumer’s satisfaction, Blue Star 1 ton portable Ac is the most successful AC in this range. Its price & features are Indian market-oriented. With convenient building & smart design, this AC is the best portable AC in India. It is also ready to combat India’s polluted air & let clean air circulate in your room.

What is the weight of portable AC?

The weight of a portable AC depends on its sizes. On average, a portable AC weighs around 27 to 40 kg approx. Some designs are bulky, so they weigh more than those thin & slim looking portable ACs.

Is a portable AC worth buying?

Definitely; a portable AC is worth buying. Even the costliest AC has a certain problem. We fix those to a place. You can’t move them as you need. But with a portable AC, you can use it according to your convenience. It is also cost-effective. No need to run the central AC system with an increasing electricity bill, when you are in your study room. Installation is also simpler than split or window ACs. Compared to other kinds of AC systems, portable AC is also cheaper.

Does a portable AC need a stabilizer?

You can use any kind of AC without a stabilizer until there is voltage fluctuation in your power supply. Because, every AC, a portable or split one, has a certain performance range of electricity. Within the range, the product works fine. But when there is a repetitive disturbance in voltage supply, it can damage AC’s internal unit. Most of the ACs have auto-restart mode. That’s why it resumes services instantly whenever power is back. A stabilizer stabilizes the input power supply to the AC unit. It saves the product from damage.

Will portable AC consume less electricity?

A portable AC has some unique features that can lessen up your electricity bill. Unlike a central air conditioning system, you can use a portable AC to cool down a particular area needed. To explain it further, you can just use a portable AC in your bedroom at night for 5 to 6 hrs for a comfortable sleep.
By observation, a portable AC uses one-eighth current in comparison to a central AC system. Even the cooling capacity takes apart to determine the consumption. It influences how much electricity a portable AC need. But if you want to use an AC to run 24/7, then a portable AC might consume more power to achieve the target temperature.



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