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Best Geyser Brand in India

Best Geyser Brand in India

Searching for the perfect geyser in India, but frustrated after seeing lots of options? Check out this extensive list of India’s top geyser water heater brands to select your ideal model for family size, budget and requirements.

Geysers or water heaters have become an essential tool for every household. Water heaters are beneficial when temperatures are low, and you have to bath. However, you must bear in mind the power usage, capacity and time to heat the water when buying a geyser.

List of the finest geyser brands in India

1. AO Smith GeysersBest Geyser brand

AO’s Smith water heater is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of productive water heating solutions. Concerning power usage, these geysers are the best in the Indian market.

After completing an exhaustive market study, AO Smith has come out with various geysers specially developed for the Indian market. Since the company has to offer a range of electric water geysers, you can compare and select the best one from the list of 49 AO Smith geysers in India.

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2. Bajaj Water heaters

Bajaj is the home grown geyser and home appliance brand in India. They have an outstanding service record of delivering the best products to Indian customers.

The specifications of Bajaj Geysers show that they are more durable and energy-effective than alternatives to other known brands. Bajaj 3l and 15ltr water heaters are popular among the many capacities available. Bajaj Shakti, Bajaj Caldia geyser, Majesty and Flora are popular models.

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3. Havells Geyser

Havells, one of the world’s oldest and most prominent companies, manufactures and sells a broad range of products. The products include power lines, domestic and industrial circuit protection devices, ventilators, LED lights, modular switches, heaters and much more.

Havells also manufactures high-quality, affordable geysers. It uses unique Ferro Glass technology to improve efficiency in the geysers. Geysers of varying capacity range from 1 to 100 litres. Due to their low cost and convenience, Havells 6l geysers are famous for customers.

It comes with an ABS cartridge that provides long-term durability and is also environmentally friendly. In addition, these digital water geysers are equipped with the Incoloy heating element and CFC-free high-density insulation for lower power consumption. Most of the heaters arrive with a copper tank, a knob for controlling the temperature, and high rated pressure, thereby withstand the high pressure of water.

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4. V Guard Geysers

Over the year, V-Guard has become very popular with its electronic devices. And the brand is popular as the best geyser brand in India.

Presently, V-Guard has a total of 50 geysers available to purchase online. In addition, V Guard offers geysers with instant & storage options. Some best products are the V-guard Sprinhot geyser, V-guard Pebble water heater, V-Guard Safeflo, V Guard Krystal plus are the popular models.

However, the gas-powered V-Guard heaters have a small capacity of only 6 litres and consume approximately one kg of LPG for all 4 hours. The electricity consumption of geysers varies between 2000 and 3000 watts, making them reasonably equal to the industry standard.

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5. Crompton Water Heater

While considering buying a new water geyser, the number of options available for shopping is overwhelming. However, suppose a brand is famous for quality and durability. In that case, it has to be Crompton when it comes to domestic appliances. So you can certainly consider this brand when it comes to geysers.

The geysers in two types are available: storage and instantaneous. Available from 3L to 50L, these Crompton geysers also have a power consumption of up to 3000W. Other features in this Crompton geyser include an automatic shut off, electricity & heating indicator, a fuse valve, a thermal cut-off, a variable valve and more.

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6. Racold Geysers

Are you searching for a trustworthy geyser? Invest in Racold, the brand’s trustworthy and inexpensive geysers. They are filled with oodles and a beautiful style that raises the decor of your bathroom. These 74 Racold Geysers are classified as Instant Geysers.

Racold gas geysers work on LPG and speed up the water heating process by several steps and horizontal water heaters. Some safety and critical characteristics incorporated in such geysers are rustproof, thermal cut, adjustable thermostat, and multi-function valve. Regarding the specifications for Racold geysers, they have storage capacity ranging from 3 liters to 50 liters.

The Racold geyser coil and others are manufactured from various high-grade materials such as plastics from ABS, stainless steel, etc. and are renowned for being energy efficient.

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