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Best Ceiling Fans in India

Ceiling fans are the most used home appliances which provide comfortable air with minimal electricity consumption. BLDC motor ceiling fans motor runs on less than 30 watts. whereas traditional ceiling fans consume 75W to 80W. Compared to Air coolers and Air conditioners, Ceiling fans consume very little electricity and are very affordable.

Choosing the best ceiling fans in India needs at least minimal knowledge such as Airflow, Air sweep, number of revolutions, noise, wattage, and warranty. Usually, for an average Indian room, a 1200mm Air sweep should be enough. less the wattage lesser the power consumption.

Here experts suggested a few best ceiling fans in India which can be used for livingroom, bedroom, balcony, dining room,etc.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

Best Ceiling fan in IndiaCeiling FanSource
Best energy saving ceiling fanHavells Efficiencia NeoBuy at Amazon
Best affordable ceiling fanOrient Electric Apex-FXBuy at Amazon
Best Anti dust Ceiling fanHavells FestivaBuy at Amazon
Best Decorative Ceiling FanCrompton UranusBuy at Amazon
Overall Best ceiling fan in IndiaAtomberg Renesa+Buy at Amazon

1. Atomberg Renesa+ BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa+ is the advanced version of the Renesa series. Renesa series ceiling fan work on BLDC motor with just 28watt copper coiled motor with aluminium blades. Renesa series fans can be controlled using remotes.

This ceiling fan has amazing features such as Normal working during low voltage, LED light at the fan, No regulator required, anti-dust technology, etc. With all the amazing features and decorative design, Atomberg Renesa+ stands as the best ceiling fan in India.

2. Havells Efficiencia Neo Ceiling Fan

Havells Efficiencia Neo is one of the cheapest BLDC Ceiling fans that you can buy in India. It has all the features except the old modeled design. It has a very good RPM compared to the Renesa series from Atomberg. Efficiencia Neo is known for its silent run, even at high speed.

It works with just 26W of power, which is very little compared to traditional ceiling fans with 75W power. Apart from design, this ceiling fan delivers the best airflow experience for an average 140sqft room.

3. Havells Festiva Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan in India

Havells Festiva is a traditional ceiling fan with top-notch features. It is the best ceiling fan in india you can buy with less than 3000 INR. if you are looking for a powerful motor, good air delivery, dust resistance, slightly decorative, then you should look after Havells Festiva. It has 5 different color options to choose from based on your home presence.

Stainless steel around the fan brings your home an exotic look. It works on 70w power. which is the minimum consumption compared to other non-bldc fans in India. blades are made of aluminum and the motor is made of 100% copper.

4. Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan in India

Apex-FX from Orient is the best-selling budget ceiling fan in India. Though it is budget-friendly, it has good features such as a copper motor, 360RPM during high speed, double ball bearing for noiseless operation. To discuss on the flip side, this fan has a pretty old design, consumes a little more electricity compared to some mid-range fans.

If you are looking for the best ceiling fan within a minimal budget, without any additional features go for orient Apex-FX. This will not disappoint you.

5. Crompton Uranus Decorative Ceiling Fan in India

Crompton is the leader in Ceiling fan segment, they produce ceiling fans from basic model to high-end models. Uranus from Crompton is the high end decorative fan which bring premium looks for the premisis. It has a gold finish, LED lights, 100% copper motor, etc tops the Uranus as the best decorative premium ceiling fan in India.

Uranus royal eye catching look fits for any room. It also has a pull cord, which can be used to operate led lights and speed of the fan. With four blades, LED light in place, it still works with 72W power.



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