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Best Air Cooler in India 2022

Best Air cooler in India

With threats of global warming looming large over us, the summer months have become hotter and longer than they previously were. Hence, it has become imperative for every house to invest in the best air cooler in India.

Though an air conditioner can offer higher cooling levels, the air cooler is a better option because it offers better air quality in your rooms. In addition, people suffering from dust allergies or asthma would any day prefer to have an air cooler instead of an air conditioner.

Here are the different types of air coolers available on the market.

Generally, air coolers work on the principles of evaporation, but the working mechanism is different in each of these three air cooler variants. Check what are the things to consider choosing an air cooler in India

1. Desert Air Cooler

Desert air coolers take in the air from outside the room, cool it, and release it into the house. The air is taken in from outside mixes with water at high pressure and velocity and evaporates, thereby bringing down the air temperature that is released into the room. These coolers come with pads present on three sides that are constantly drenched in water. As the external air passes through these pads, they mingle with cold water and become cold.

Desert air coolers are stationary but larger equipment than personal coolers. You can see them in restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, and other similar places.

2. Tower Air Cooler

Tower air coolers are similar to personal air coolers in their functioning. However, they are slim equipment that can fit into the smallest of spaces. Besides, these fans throw cool air at a higher level than other traditional coolers. Hence, they are ideal to have if you need spot cooling at a height above your waist.

You can find tower air coolers in homes and offices and even small shops where the cooling area is restricted.

3. Personal Air Cooler

Personal air coolers are different from desert air coolers because they do not take in the air outside. Instead, they recirculate the air inside the room after subjecting it to the cooling and evaporation process. In addition, they do not have these cooling pads, but use the cooler’s water to condition the air. Thus, the air in the room becomes cooler to decrease the humidity and make it comfortable.

Compared to desert air coolers, personal air coolers are smaller and portable. Hence, you can have this equipment in your home or office.

Here are some of the best air coolers available in India. Some budget-friendly air coolers are priced 3000 to 5000.

Best Air Cooler in India 2022

1. Crompton Ozone 75L Desert Air Cooler

Crompton air coolers are good for cooling large spaces as they offer excellent air delivery of 4200 cubic meters per hour. The air throw of 52 feet should be ideal for cooling rooms up to 550 square feet in area.

One of the highlights of this Crompton Ozone 75L desert air cooler is its compatibility with your home inverter. Hence, it can deliver cool air even during power cuts. In addition, the motorized and auto swing louvres allow 4-way air deflection to ensure uniform cooling.

Key Specifications
ModelOzone 75L
TypeDesert Air Cooler
Capacity75 liters
Air Delivery4200 cubic meters per hour
Air Throw52 feet
Power Consumption190 Watts
Suitable for Rooms up to 550 sqft
Other featuresInverter compatible
4-way air deflection
Water level indicator

This desert cooler features wood wool cooling pads to ensure better cooling. In addition, it comes equipped with a 75L tank to store sufficient water to enable good cooling performance. Besides, this air cooler has ice chambers to put ice cubes to enhance the overall cooling. At premium online stores, It is rated as one of the best air cooler in India.

  • Superior cooling for a medium-sized room
  • Honeycomb pad
  • Strong air throw
  • Motor overload protector
  • Makes little noise at highest speed levelse.

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2. Symphony STORM 70XL Air Cooler

Symphony is a reputed brand of desert tower air cooler capable of cooling rooms with an area of 37 square meters. This air cooler works on i-pure technology with multistage air purification filters.

The Symphony STORM 70XL comes with a 70L water tank and a powerful blower that ensures superior air throw. In addition, the 3-side high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads absorb sufficient water to enable the appliance to provide optimum cooling.

Key Specifications
TypeDesert Air Cooler
Capacity70 liters
Air DeliveryGood
Air Throw49 feet
Power Consumption205 Watts
Suitable for Upto 37 square meters
Other featuresI-pure technology with multistage air
Inverter Compatible

Another excellent feature in the Symphony STORM air cooler is the Auto-Shut-off SMPS technology that protects the cooler from voltage fluctuations. In addition, the 3-speed option fan enables you to adjust cooling levels according to your preferences.

  • Good product with decent cooling capacity.
  • The air purification feature is beneficial.
  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms.
  • Adequate water tank capacity.
  • Entirely made of plastic.

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3. Bajaj DC 55 DLX 54L Desert Air Cooler

Bajaj is a reputed and reliable desert cooler brand that guarantees quality performance. This desert cooler model comes equipped with Turbo Fan technology, a fan-based efficient air circulation mode, to improve cooling performance.

This desert cooler features a 54L water tank that stores sufficient water to provide consistent cooling for long periods. Besides, it has an ice chamber where you can place ice cubes to enhance the cooling performance.

The powerful air throw performance allows convenient cooling of rooms with an area up to 600 square feet. This machine is ideal for all climates and can work in the ozone-heavy atmosphere in coastal areas. In addition, the 3-side honeycomb pads ensure maximum cooling with minimum water consumption.

Key Specifications
ModelDC 55 DLX
TypeDesert Air Cooler
Capacity54 liters
Air DeliveryGood
Air Throw40 feet
Power Consumption190 Watts
Suitable for Upto 600 square feet
Other featuresTurbo Fan technology
Ice Chamber
3-side honeycomb pads

  • The portability factor is a significant plus.
  • The machine has comparatively low noise levels.
  • Decent cooling performance
  • Automatic water intake stopper
  • Cooling performance drops if temperature crosses 40 degrees.

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4. Symphony Diet 12T Tower Air Cooler

The Symphony personal tower air cooler is characterized by its mobility. Besides cooling the room, this air cooler purifies the air using i-pure technology involving multistage purification filters like allergy filters, bacteria filters, PM2.5 and dust filters, etc.

This Symphony air cooler features a 12L water tank that helps the machine cool the air quickly. It is an ideal air cooling machine to have in rooms with an area of up to 12 square meters. The easy-to-use control knobs help you set various fan speeds, cooling, and swing settings.

The honeycomb pads enhance water retention to allow the hot air from the outside to evaporate and condense into cool air and spread across the room. In addition, the Symphony Diet 12T comes with a powerful pump and ergonomically designed fans to ensure maximum air throw. Considering all these features & reviews, this is considered one of the best air cooler in India.

Key Specifications
ModelDiet 12T
TypeTower Air Cooler
Capacity12 liters
Air DeliveryGood
Air ThrowGood
Power Consumption170 Watts
Suitable for Up to 12 sq meters
Other featuresi-pure technology
Multistage air purification
Easy to use dial knob controls

  • Ideal for cooling rooms up to 120 square feet
  • Decent cooling performance.
  • Portability is an advantage.
  • Low power consumption
  • The tank requires cleaning once in a month.

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5. Blue Star PA35LMA Tower Cooler 35L

Blue Star brings in a lot of expertise in air cooling and refrigeration technology to manufacture their air coolers. This portable tower cooler comes with a UV protection coating to enable you to leave the appliance exposed to sunlight and still have it working perfectly.

The 35L capacity tank proves sufficient to ensure consistent cooling for the average-sized Indian rooms. In addition, the mosquito/dust filter feature prevents dust and insects from entering the cooler and damaging the fans and other circuits.

The presence of a separate ice chamber is useful to boost the cooling capacity of the appliance. In addition, the honeycomb pad comes equipped with special cellulose paper with anti-microbial properties to provide healthy air redistribution.

Key Specifications
BrandBlue Star
TypeTower Air Cooler
Capacity35 liters
Air DeliveryGood
Air ThrowGood
Power Consumption140 Watts
Suitable for Up to 12 sq meters
Other featuresUltra-violet protection coat
Thermal overload protection
Ice chamber

  • Castor wheels for easy portability
  • Cord winder feature to enable convenient storage
  • Compatible with your home inverter
  • Easy to operate controls
  • The water inlet should have design.

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6. HAVAI Bullet XL Tower Air Cooler 34L

HAVAI Tower Coolers are unique because they come with the largest blowers amongst all tower coolers. As a result, you experience the highest air delivery and air throw. The Bullet XL Tower cooler ensures air delivery of 1400 cubic meters per hour to ensure decent cooling performance.

The 34L water tank is large enough to store adequate water and enable consistent cooling for extended hours. In addition, this product comes with a protection cover and cooler water pipe that ensure the appliance’s longevity.

The premium 2-side 5090-flute honeycomb pads are thicker than the standard pads. The higher density ensures better water absorption and better cooling performance. In addition, the dust net protection protects the cooler from insects and dust contamination. The primary advantage of this appliance is its height that ensures air throw at your eye level when seated.

Key Specifications
ModelBullet XL
TypeTower Air Cooler
Capacity34 liters
Air Delivery1400 cubic meters per hour
Air Throw10 feet
Power Consumption230 Watts
Suitable for Upto 10 sq meters
Other featuresThermal overload protector
Auto valve mechanism

  • The big blower is an advantage as it ensures effective air delivery.
  • The Castor wheels make this appliance portable.
  • 2-side honeycomb pads for additional cooling
  • Decent cooling performance
  • It does not have an ice chamber for enhanced cooling.

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7. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36L Personal Air Cooler

The Bajaj Platini personal coolers are suitable for all climates and can work in coastal regions. The best aspect is that they work indoors without any exposure to the air and dust outside. Therefore, these personal coolers should be ideal for providing quality cooling for rooms up to 150 square feet in area.

The Hexa Cool technology uses specially designed cooling media for maximum cooling with minimum water consumption. The powerful air throw of 70 feet ensures to cool every corner of the room with equal ease. In addition, turbofan technology enhances the cooling effect with its adjustable speeds.

The Bajaj Platini air cooler features a 36L water tank to enable extended cooling with a continuous water supply system. In addition, features like 4-way air deflection and 3-speed control ensure a comparatively silent performance. This is the best personal air cooler in India.

Key Specifications
ModelPlatini PX97
TypePersonal Air Cooler
Capacity36 liters
Air DeliveryGood
Air Throw70 feet
Power Consumption100 Watts
Suitable for Standard Indian rooms
Other features3-side cooling pad
Inverter compatible
Turbofan technology

  • Powerful air delivery to ensure efficient cooling.
  • Easy to operate control options
  • Turbofan technology to boost cooling performance
  • Comfortably portable
  • No separate ice chamber.

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