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BAJAJ: An Indian Company Becomes A Conglomerate One.

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History of Bajaj

Bajaj group is the oldest & largest Indian conglomerate company. It was founded by Late Mr. Jamnalal Bajaj in 1926. Within a few decades, it became one of the leading multinational brands. Now, it is operating in automobiles and electronics.  Holdings & Investment, home appliances are also very popular ventures of the group. To sum up, the group owns 34 companies. Furthermore, a flagship company Bajaj Auto was also founded by Mr. Jamnalal Bajaj in 1940.

Best about Bajaj

Without any doubt, the best thing about the group is its authenticity. Deep knowledge about India’s customer base helps them acquire the market. Among different ventures, it has marked its presence in the automobile sector. Bajaj Auto has become the world’s 4th largest two- and three-wheeler producer and seller. Behind the emerging success of a solely India-based brand is its R&D department. It has closely worked with foreign technology and innovations to serve the best to Indians.

Bajaj Electrical Ltd.

Moreover, the group is the parent company of Bajaj Electrical Ltd. It produces India’s latest electronics products, home appliances, fans, etc. The brand launched LPG generators in the Indian market as early as 2011. Notably, it proves to become a huge milestone for the company. The most significant engineering and lighting project of it was the Commonwealth Games.  

Bajaj Holdings & Investments:

It is another notable company under the Group. Founded in 2007, the company works in asset & wealth management. Additionally, it also works in the insurance sector. This Indian Financial service company has a clear purpose. It wants to help Indians get a loan to build their dream as smoothly as possible. Insurance companies like Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance are very successful subsidiaries.

The stability in growth has kept the stocks of the Group in a sweet spot. Even when we are in a pandemic, the brand has not lost its values. Some sectors like Bajaj Auto have faced a few backlashes because of the fall in sales. But it still manages to keep the consumers’ trust intact. Further, the company is still trading at a fair price to overcome its losses. But the best part is that the company still values consumers’ preferences. Instead of targeting insane profit percentages, its subsidiaries are working to moderate its prices. They don’t want to burden their buyers this time.

With the home appliance range, the company is ruling Indian households in every aspect. In fact, we can safely say that every Indian home owns one or two bajaj products. Its technology and superior building make it an undeniable choice for buyers. 

Now, have a look at Bajaj’s best home appliances. It will also show the reasons behind their popularity.

Bajaj geysers

The brand produces all four types of geysers. But instant and electrical geysers from the company are the most popular. It offers various models to suit every buyer’s taste and budget. The corrosion-free material is used in those geysers. It gives the product long life. No doubt, it is one of the most popular reasons to buy these geysers.

Bajaj instant geysers are suitable for modern homes. However, their electrical geysers are also compact & stylish. Unlike traditional geysers, they are not bulky. Consumers can find the perfect capacity for themselves. Because there is a wide range of geysers in their catalog. Also, these geysers are safe from any accidental mishap. It does not consume much power. Thus, it helps owners to cut down their power bills.

Bajaj Air cooler

Do you think its fans are the most common item found in India? Then probably you are wrong. However, the brand is the market leader in producing & selling fans. But Bajaj air coolers are a regular purchase. It has high quality and the perfect capacity to run all night. Thus its air coolers became the leading products in the Indian market.

The best thing about these air coolers is that they come in every style. Do you want a window air cooler? You can get one here. If you want a portable air cooler, you also get one here. Moreover, its air coolers are efficient and powerful machines. Besides that, it has highly durable bodies. In contrast to these amazing features, the price of these products is in range. The Bajaj Platini series air coolers are the most famous purchase among buyers.

Bajaj Microwave oven

Its microwave ovens are new products among its other products. It is a narratively young business for the company. The brand still promises quality over prices here. From grilling to baking, these microwave ovens are equipped with the latest design & techniques. However, the brand offers models with various capacities from every price range.

The buyer-friendly approach of the brand makes a good impact. It helps the company to build the necessary customer base. As it happens, Bajaj offers great post-sell services to cover up every need of the buyer.

Bajaj Mixer grinder

Bajaj mixer grinder is one of its oldest home appliances from the brand. The blades of mixer grinders are specially built for multitasking. You can use it to grind wet or dry ingredients smoothly. 

The motors of these mixer grinders have an auto shut-off feature. It helps to prevent any damage. Stainless steel jars of grinder add life to its durability. Moreover, the prices are also on point. Bajaj Classic range of mixers is the most popular one.



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