Author: Venkatesh

Best i7 laptops in India under 80000

Choosing the best i7 laptop in India is never been easier. We did 117 hours of analysis to finalize the best 5 from the market considering price and configuration. Moreover, we have visited stores to test laptops physically. We also received some valuable reviews from the users by visiting them. We also consolidated various websites online reviews to finalize the list. Spending a decent amount for an i7 laptop is worth compared to those costs 1 lakh or higher with almost the same configuration with one or two features extra. We can expect some best configurations with i7 processors. One…

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Best i5 laptop under 45k

Getting the best i5 laptop under 45,000 in India has never been an easier one. Things changed predominantly after the pandemic situation. In 2021 Laptop prices are hiked as demand raised for work from home needs and also classes for kids. If you are searching for the best i5 laptop under 45k, we may need to check the generation of the processer as well. Currently, for the i5 processer, the 11th generation is the latest from Intel. Choosing the best i5 laptop under 45000 will limit your usage to personal and business usage and strictly not for professional gaming purposes.…

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Best Laptops under 40000

Finding the best laptops under 40000 is never been easier. Surely, in this pandemic situation, laptops are one of the most used gadgets for working from home. Moreover, it is further used in kids’ online classes. Laptops are one such item that works well for 5-7 years based on configuration and usability. To pick the top 5 laptops under the 40000 price range, We spent 85 hours on research. Additionally, we have walked into the authorized stores to physically view the products. Also, Consulted laptop service centres to know the common issues and consulted some daily users. Moreover, we have…

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