Author: Venkatesh

Best Microwave Oven in India

For different microwaves with unique capacities, the wattage range differs in every model. As the wattage is the main concern over electricity consumption and electricity bills, consumers tend to discuss that part for a long time. So, we explained the best wattage for a microwave oven. To be honest, how you want to use the microwave oven also contributes to your electricity bill. If you are not a regular user of the oven, then you will get negligible power consumption in your monthly bill from microwave usage. But some people use the oven as a regular kitchen appliance. For them,…

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Swing for home balcony

One of the most common ways to relax at home is having the swing chair on the balcony and have some favorite food. We did spend some quality time identifying the best Jhula or swing for the balcony based on the quality of material, capacity, price, and customer reviews. We finalized the best list of both wooden and steel swings for the balcony. In current online marketplaces like Amazon, you will get Swing chairs for the balcony of different types. Variants such as wooden or steel swing chairs, a single or two-seater hanging swing chairs. Here we are reviewing single-seater…

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Air conditioner with Anti bacteria and Air purifier

Air purifiers boomed suddenly in the country with the sudden increase in Air pollution, especially in metro cities. Many prominent brands are manufacturing Air purifiers price starting from 7000 to 30000 in India. After the coronavirus pandemic raises, people are most concerned about Hygiene and cleanliness. Most of them use hand sanitizers and antibacterial sprays to them safe from bacteria and viruses. Coming to the Air Conditioners, Leading manufacturers adding advanced technologies to include Air purification and Anti-bacterial to the Air conditioning system. Which is highly marketed and beneficial for both Users and Manufacturers. LG Air conditioners uses ThinQ technology…

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