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Ceiling fans wattage India

Wattage defines the power required to function the motor. The ceiling fan works with the electric motor. Depending on the brand, size, speed (RPM), and wings motor varies. Wattage varies with respect to the motor of the ceiling fan. Lesser the wattage, the lesser the power consumption. This results in reduced power bills throughout the usage. In India, most ceiling fans work with two different types of motors. Traditional MotorBLDC Motor Ceiling Fan Wattage The wattage of a ceiling fan with a traditional motor varies from around 68 watts to 80 watts. When it comes to the BLDC motor, it…

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best water heater

Geysers or Water heaters work to increase the temperature of the water which can be used for bathing & cleaning. You might already know, there are so many different types of geysers available in the market right now. Some frequently used geysers are: Instant geysers.Horizontal geysers.Storage geysers.Gas geysers.Immersion water heaters.Solar geysers. With soo many options available, choosing the best geyser in India is always tricky, As each geyser has its own usages, you need to choose based on needs. We will explain to you how to choose the geyser that fits your needs. Which Geyser is Best for Bathroom? Any…

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