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Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder Review : Technology Revolution

This year, Atomberg extended their technology revolution to the Mixer grinders which straight away challenges the big brands in the segment. As a result, a game-changer product is available to Indian users with never before technology.

MG1 is not only the best mixer grinder, but also closed the gap between energy-saving technology and grinding experience with a minimal wattage motor which results in less sound during operation.

In fact, atomberg MG1 is the only mixer grinder that comes with inverter motor technology & chopper. innovative motor has a capacity to grind hard particles with just 485 watts. This results in consuming less electricity and very minimal sound.

Atomberg MG1 Specifications

With being the first product from the brand, Atomberg MG1 is loaded with premium features to attract more customers. Let’s check the full specifications of the MG1 mixer grinder.

Atomberg MG1 Specifications
Wattage485 watts
Number of Jars4 jars Including Chopper
Material of the bodyStrong ABS
Material of the jarsStainless steel
ColorRed, Black
BladesStainless steel
RPM5000 to 18,000
Input Voltage230 v – 50 hz
ControlSlow mode, Pulse mode, 3 level speed
TechnologyInverter Motor, Slow & Pulse modes
Warranty2 Years

Inverter Motor Technology

MG1 comes with the latest and innovative inverter motor technology which consumes less electricity compared to any other traditional mixer grinders.

Imagine a machine which consumes less power and provides higher torque with better grinding? Nothing less than magic! Everything is better with inverter technology. From the hardest of ingredients like dry turmeric to pulpy juices. Tackles everything with equal ease.

MG1 inverter motor intelligently manages the power and RPM depending on the application load. It is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Jars & Grinding Experience

Atomberg MG1 Jars

Atomberg MG1 comes with 3 stainless steel jars and 1 chopper jar.

  • Liquidizing jar with 1700 ml capacity and made of stainless steel.
  • Dry grinding jar with 1000 ml capacity and made of stainless steel.
  • Chutney jar with 500 ml capacity and made of stainless steel.
  • Chopper jar is optional during purchase with a 500 ml capacity made of durable plastic.

Atomberg is the 1st in the segment to provide a Chopper Jar to ease up your tedious process of chopping vegetables.

Slow Mode

From making delicious chutneys to churning creamier butter, revisit the magic of slow Indian cooking with MG1 Slow Mode. The Slow Mode grinds anything ever-so-slightly. It retains the texture because not everything needs to be mashed and finely powdered. This mode helps to maintain the authentic taste that comes with traditional stone grinding.

Pulse Mode

Coming to the pulse mode, It’s a new feature that helps the mixer grinder to operate with maximum torque and maximum RPM when pressed. This helps for quick grinding of any level of hard substances.

Pulse mode runs at the highest speed for the time it is pressed, which is provided for the ease of the user.

Safety features

With respect to the safety features, MG1 introduced smart safety features such as an LED indicator when the jar is not fitted rightly to the mixer. Auto cutoff while voltage fluctuations, Auto-off while overheating during operation or overloaded.

ORANGE colour LED lit up to alert the user that either jar is not fitted properly, or the knob speed is not kept at 0.

As soon as MG 1 senses overheating of motor or voltage inconsistency, it alerts the user by lighting the RED colour LED.

Colors & Variants

While purchasing, you will find four different options to choose from, two colour options such as red wine and black colour. Similarly, You can buy a product with a chopper and without a chopper. Price varies based on the selection of chopper.

Final Review of Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder

Atomberg MG1 outperforms in all aspects compared to other top mixer grinders in India. It has all the aspects to stand as the best mixer grinder in India. On the positive side, Less power consumption, Less sound, stylish design, vegetable chopper, LED indicator that senses Jars, Simple operating mechanism keep MG1 on top of others. We review Atomberg MG1 as ‘Go for it without a second thought’

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