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AO Smith: Story Of The Largest Water Heater Producer

AO Smith is an American corporation founded in 1904 by Mr. Arthur Oliver Smith. Over the years, the corporation has spread its business all over the world. Now AO Smith is a well-known name in the Indian electrical goods market. As of 2019, the total revenue of the company was US $2.99 billion. Also, this is the largest producer and seller of water heaters in North America.

From World War To Electrical Market

At the early age of AO Smith, the brand had several production lines. Among that, making bombs was one. At the time of World War 1, the group had remained the largest bomb maker in the US. They had military contracts production. That made the company 74th largest US corporation during World War 2.

In 1933, the brand started manufacturing glass-lined water tanks. Later they used these tanks in the water heater. Moreover, they also registered their patent of glass-lined water heaters in 1936. After that, they started mass-producing domestic water heaters. But then the second World War broke out. At that time, the company shifted its entire manpower in war-time production.

Achievements Of The AO Smith

Mr. Aurther developed the world’s first pressed steel vehicle frame in 1899. Later, AO Smith started building frames for Peerless Automobile Company, Ford Motor, etc.

The company had set up the world’s fully automated automobile frame factory. Until 1958, AO smith used to hold the record of making a complete frame every 8 seconds.

Also, the company is the first producer of arc welded high-pressure vessels. These vessels are used to carry refined oil.

Acquisition By The Brand

In 1940, the brand acquired Sawyer Electric. Later they came into producing a line of electric motors. After that, AO Smith acquired Whirl-A-Way Motors. This motor division line developed a hermetic motor. This is a critical element of compressors later used in fridges and ACs. These are some of the company’s famous acquisitions.

Products By the Brand

The company manufactures a lot of products like water heaters, water boilers, and water purifiers. They also produce mixer grinders, heaters, etc.

The entire water heater range by AO Smith is hybrid, gas and propane, solar, electric, tankless water heaters for domestic purposes. Furthermore, these domestic water heater ranges are intelligent and smart. Also, the energy efficiency of these products is great. No wonder, the brand is the World’s No.1 water heater manufacturer.

They also sell water heater accessories like pump tanks and expansion tanks.

AO Smith has a vast range of 100% RO and UV water purifiers. These water purifiers’ price range also varies in various models. The famous AO Smith water purifier ranges are Z-series, X-series, Invi series, etc.

Here, we have picked two best seller appliances by the brand. Even in India, the company’s water heater and water purifier are very famous and reliable. Let’s see the reasons behind it.

AO Smith Geyser

The brand has been in operation for more than 140 years now. Thus it is one of the oldest and most trusted companies. That’s why people trust to purchase from it. The brand makes commercial and domestic geysers. These are from different ranges. Also, these geysers are designed in various capacities.

The brand sells both instant and storage geysers. Moreover, horizontal and vertical models are also popular by the brand. The brand wants to cut down on power usage. For that, the brand has launched the Air2Heat geyser range. This is an entirely new concept in the water heater market.

Furthermore, the brand offers unique options for industrial usage. They also have products for organization users. It sells dual fuel, solar heater, heat pump, etc for this purpose. They use different mechanisms in different models. That makes these geysers efficient and suitable for every buyer. Moreover, the brand offers a decent warranty period. You get a warranty on inner tanks as well as heating elements. Thus, buyers can be assured about the products after buying.

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AO Smith water purifier

The water purifier is another popular buy from the brand. The design of these purifiers is unique and classy. Thus, we can safely say that the brand has made an accessory for the home. It is not just a purifier. There are various models in the water purifier catalog. Nevertheless, each one is unique in body and technology.

Although, some people can find these water filters a little bit pricey. But its performance justifies that cost. The brand offers normal RO filters. You can also find RO+UV+UF filters as well. Because every region has a unique water supply. So there is no need to spend extra money on a filter that you might not need.

Moreover, these purifiers have both wall mount and tabletop designs. Further, they have LED panels on the body for easy operation. Most of the models are in tanks. Thus you can store your filter water to use later. This helps to cut down unless water wastage. Yet some of the famous models are tankless too.

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