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Air purifiers and Anti-bacterial a trend in Air Conditioners

Air purifiers boomed suddenly in the country with the sudden increase in Air pollution, especially in metro cities. Many prominent brands are manufacturing Air purifiers price starting from 7000 to 30000 in India.

After the coronavirus pandemic raises, people are most concerned about Hygiene and cleanliness. Most of them use hand sanitizers and antibacterial sprays to them safe from bacteria and viruses.

Air conditioner with Anti bacteria and Air purifier

Coming to the Air Conditioners, Leading manufacturers adding advanced technologies to include Air purification and Anti-bacterial to the Air conditioning system. Which is highly marketed and beneficial for both Users and Manufacturers.

LG Air conditioners uses ThinQ technology to protect from virus and pollution. ThinQ makes usage completely touch free along with UV Nano technology, Anti-Virus protection which makes it a must in every home for faster cooling & energy savings also protect from harmful viruses and bacteria

Is Air purification Air conditioners worth buying?

It depends on the circumstances if one is living in a metro city with pollution, buying such an air conditioner will be the right choice rather than having multiple devices that need to be turned ON for different uses.

Also, in current ongoing situations, having an Anti-bacterial system with Air conditioner is not a bad deal at all.

Downside of having these Air conditioners

Price is the primary concern for some of them, having these features will also cost more to the manufacturers as well as users. Also, having these features will also increase the maintenance cost of the Air conditioner in the longer run.

Other than Price and maintenance in the longer run, these are the best and required features for these generation air conditioners to breathe the fresh air during sleep and keep safe from bacteria.



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